Please Share: It's worth $5 if you "like" Equality Florida

Click here to join us on FacebookFlorida businesswoman Amy Mandel has pledged to donate $5 for every person who "likes" Equality Florida's facebook page. Amy will match up to $2500 so we need to get 500 or more people to join.

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Whether it's Breaking News or a community discussion, Facebook has become a great way to keep our members posted and to get valuable feedback.

Right now more than 16,000 supporters stay up-to-date and engaged through our Facebook page

We have set a goal of reaching 20,000 as we head into a crucial election year. Amy's challenge gets us that much closer.

Please take a moment right now to "like" our page and let us hear from you.

P.S. If you are already a "fan" at EqualityFl, please repost our page on your wall!


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