UPDATE: $100,000 to Pro-Equality Candidates in Florida

Great News. We set a goal of identifying $100,000 in political contributions to pro-equality candidates from our donors and supporters.

As of today, our supporters have pledged or already given $94,500 directly to candidates who share our commitment to equality.

Thanks to everyone who made a committment. If you're not already a member, click here to sign up: http://eqfl.org/1000strong.
There is no cost to join.

Making Your Contribution Count for Equality

Dear Friend,

If you’re like me, you get perhaps hundreds of calls during an election cycle, and you give hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to candidates.

Do they know what issues are important to you?
Do they know those dollars are coming from the LGBT community?

What if they did?

I’m writing to invite you to join the Council of 1000, a growing team of donors who have committed to donating at least $1,000 each major election cycle directly to candidates who will fight for the full legal rights of the LGBT community.

By targeting our political donations on strategic races, we can increase our community's political power and the sense of accountability our elected officials have on our issues.

In a state this large, it is hard for individual donors to know about game-changing, strategic races on the other end of the state where a relatively small number of donations could be the difference between an historic victory for equality or another win for an anti-gay politician

As a Council of 1000 member you'll get in-depth analysis of top races in the state where your donation can have the biggest impact.

Whether we are backing the first openly LGBT candidate to win a State Senate race or protecting a longtime straight ally from an anti-gay challenger, the Council of 1000 will ensure that donors can invest wisely in races where every dollar makes a difference.

I’m not asking you to donate more than you currently do. I’m asking you to donate more strategically with other like-minded people so that our collective voices will be heard loud and clear, where and when it matters most. Won’t you join me today?


Robert Sanderson


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