Meet the Interns: Logan Coleman

Meet the Interns: Logan Coleman

(Campaign Intern - Based in Jacksonville)

1. Tell us a little about yourself...

My name is Logan Coleman. I’m majoring in Converged Communications at Florida State College. Over the years, I've taken a number of different classes, such as Anthropology, Queer Culture class. I am planning on using my skills for converged communications when it comes to writing news stories involving the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender community. I also can use my love of film and television by becoming a film critic. I am well versed when it comes to using Adobe Photoshop and Premiere when it comes to photo and video projects.

2. Why are you involved with LGBT activism?

One of the main reason why I am involved with LGBT activism, because I am gay. I also have large number of friends who are a part of the LGBT community. I also help out with the Gay Straight Alliance at Florida State College at Jacksonville. I have tried to attend as many LGBT events as I can such as the Coming Out Monologues.

3. Why did you want to intern at Equality Florida?

I wanted to intern at Equality Florida to make improvements for the LGBT community. I also wanted to contribute my skills from my converged communication classes and to put them to great use for Equality Florida. I am very good when it comes to making sure things are put in the right way when it comes to logging it into a database.

4. What are your plans after you graduate?

My plans after I graduate would include being a film critic for a newspaper company. But I would like to write human interest stories on the LGBT community. I also see that I would be a fact checker for a newspaper company. I also could see doing photo journalism stories about the LGBT community.












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