Statement from Joe Saunders re: Jason Brodeur’s new ad doubling down on lies about his homophobic adoption policy


Statement from Joe Saunders re: Jason Brodeur’s new ad doubling down on lies about his homophobic adoption policy

Orlando, Fla – Below, please find a statement from former state lawmaker and Equality Florida Action PAC's Joe Saunders:

“In response to our efforts to educate voters in Senate District 9 about Jason Brodeur’s attacks on LGBTQ Floridians , Brodeur launched a new and deeply dishonest ad doubling down on his attempt to rewrite history. Shockingly, Broduer’s ad tries to take credit for ending the ban on gay adoption in Florida - a thirty year ban that ended in 2010 when state courts ruled it unconstitutional.

“Let’s be clear. Jason Brodeur sponsored and then led the fight for a bill that would have allowed adoption agencies funded by our tax dollars to discriminate against gay and lesbian families. This would have effectively reinstated Florida’s ban on adoption by gay parents and blocked thousands of children in foster care from loving homes. His bill was so extreme, fellow Republicans like Senate President Don Gaetz rejected it. It was cruel and bigoted and we refuse to let him reinvent his record.”

In 2015, Brodeur introduced legislation that would have allowed Florida adoption agencies to turn away gay and lesbian families based on the agencies’ beliefs, in effect reinstating Florida’s notorious ban on gay and lesbian adoption which was ruled unconstitutional in 2010. In debate, Brodeur repeatedly opposed amendments that would have protected prospective parents from discrimination. Responding to an amendment that would have prevented the state from funding adoption agencies that discriminate, Brodeur said, “This amendment does the exact opposite of the entire bill. I ask that you vote it down.” The amendment was voted down and Brodeur’s bill went on to pass the Florida House and nearly passed the Florida Senate. His attack on LGBTQ parents was covered at the time.

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*In debate in the Senate against Broduer’s legislation, Republican Senate President Don Gaetz said, “ ...We don’t need to turn the social clock back to 1977.”



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