Growing TransAction Florida - Mobilizing To Defend Transgender Rights!

In an environment of increased anti-transgender hysteria and hateful rhetoric, it gives me a great deal of pride to announce the growth of TransAction Florida, Equality Florida's Transgender Inclusion Initiative. 

TransAction Florida denounces the unfounded attacks on transgender Floridians. We are growing our advisory council to counter the orchestrated discrimination against the transgender community emerging in the areas of school board policy, human rights ordinances, transgender violence, and the most recent attacks centered around bathroom issues.


Tristan Byrnes, St. Petersburg Aryah Lester, Miami
Tricia Russell, Jacksonville Ashley Brundage, Tampa
Amy Garbati, West Palm Beach Nathan S. Bruemmer, Largo
Bishop Makalani-MaHee, Ft. Lauderdale Devin Cole, Pensacola
Cindy Sullivan, Sarasota Grant Drain, Tampa
Deborah Johnson, Pensacola Gina Duncan, Orlando
Harmony Weisbart, Orlando SueZie Hawkes, Brandon
Samuel Thayer, Dundee Jessica Lam, Ft. Lauderdale
Kaitlin Legg, Jacksonville Morgan Laisch, Orlando
Synthia Roy, Jacksonville Tobias Packer, Ft. Lauderdale
Tracy Schmidt, Cocoa Margeaux Mutz, Tallahassee
Petra Doan, Tallahassee  

It has never been more important for us to be visible and engaged. It is time to be pro-active in pushing back against the hateful rhetoric being promoted by organizations, such as the Liberty Counsel, in all areas of our state and country. 

Currently, a petition is circulating calling on Liberty Counsel to repudiate a tweet sent out by their president, Anita Staver, that advocates people arm themselves and confront transgender people in restrooms as bathroom vigilantes. You can sign the petition and let Liberty Counsel know their actions are reprehensible and must not go unchallenged by clicking here

In the coming weeks, we hope to provide increased education, media, and messaging training to increase the number of experienced spokespeople in our Transgender Speakers Bureau. Our goal is to expand the scope and bandwidth of our statewide council to effectively address any issues encountered across the state. 

If you have any questions or want to get involved, please contact TransAction Florida at[email protected] or on our Facebook page

You can also find transgender health resources at


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