The Transgender Experience: SueZie Hawkes

SueZie Hawkes
TransAction FL Advisory Council Member

SueZie Hawkes is a 52 year old woman living with her wife Cheryl and 14 year old son Jaison in Florida. The path to her womanhood was through transition and she has been recognized as one of the 1.5 million estimated Transgender individuals living in the USA. Though surgery options are not required or available for everyone, SueZie found that she was fortunate to have the opportunity to undergo Gender Reassignment Surgery in 2014. Now working in corporate America as a data analyst, SueZie is positively contributing to the society that she lives within.

From two different worlds, oceans apart SueZie and her wife Cheryl have a wonderful love story to share that has been internationally recognized in media across the world.

SueZie and her accepting family had a news feature on Fox TV called “Desperately Seeking SueZie” that was nominated for an EMMY In December 2015. The family has been on other news stories including CBS “The Insider” immediately following the Caitlyn Jenner and Diane Sawyer interview.

Life has been challenging for SueZie. She was unable to face an out of date society that was full of discriminations in the 60 and 70s where SueZie lived her childhood. SueZie did her best to suppress the deep sadness she held inside. Her body did not match the person that she was inside, in her soul and spirit. In 1997 SueZie met Cheryl, a person she believed would accept her for who she was inside and allow SueZie to be that person on the outside too. SueZie gave up everything in England to be with her and in 2000, the couple married and had a child together. In 2009 SueZie reached a point in her life where no matter how far society had progressed with acceptance of transgender, she no longer could live with the body and mind and spirit mismatch, she had to transition.

Significant obstacles from direct and third party bias and discrimination have been present. In early transition whilst doing her best to look feminine, SueZie’s progress was slow and appearances didn’t match that of social expectations; she had to start somewhere! Sniggers, mocking and laughing are one thing, but people making a decision that could affect her career, wellbeing or reputation further damages the soul. Fear of her life and fear of bodily harm is very real. Some people would directly support her; but their own perception of society being so unsupportive they then make a biased decision based on that incorrect assumption. Let’s face it, most people are more concerned with how they look themselves than how SueZie looks!

Mental survival and family harmony required very strong adaptations. Not only did Cheryl have to Transition with SueZie, she had to also learn what SueZie calls Peripheral Blurring. Having an awareness of the negativity either side and behind her is all about survival and safety first, but blur it out and remain focused on the positive people directly in front of her is the key to her success when so much is against her.

Putting the adversities aside, the couple share their story at conferences and educational facilities bringing positive awareness to the life within a Transgender family. They were top billing at an event that included invitees from the top fortune 500 companies.

Since 2014 SueZie has been co-writing her love story with renowned author Anne Speckhard with plans for the movie to follow.

SueZie can be reached through various methods.

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