Nat'l Call-In Day Wednesday- AIDS Drug Assistance Programs Crisis

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Demand that President Obama and Congress Address the ADAP Crisis
Call On Wednesday, May 26th

AIDS Drug Assistance Programs provide medications to over 166,000 individuals. Unfortunately, over 1,000 individuals in ten states are on waiting lists to receive their life-saving and life-sustaining medications through this program, and many state ADAPs have been forced to put in place barriers to access their ADAP program. Some ADAPs have reduced the eligibility, changed the formulary, and closed enrollment. The situation is dire and without immediate additional funding the situation will only get worse.
We need your help to ensure that the Obama Administration and Congress take action to help those in need!
How you can help:
Please call your Elected Officials on Wednesday, May 26th. We ask that you call President Obama, your two Senators and your Representative. All of the contact information can be found by clicking "Take Action!"

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