Meet the Interns: Joanna Bomfim

Meet the Interns: Joanna Bomfim

(Gainesville Office)

1. Tell us a little about yourself...

My name is Joanna Bomfim. I am 20 years old and a sophomore at the University of Florida, double majoring in women’s studies and political science.

2. Why are you involved with LGBT activism?

I’m involved in LBGT activism because not only have I seen the harm that can be brought towards those in the LGBT community, but I also see tremendous potential with the people that make up the LGBT community. Through activism, I feel I can unlock this potential and change the world all around us.

3. Why did you want to intern at Equality Florida?

I wanted to intern at Equality Florida because I felt it to be the perfect bridge between my two areas of study, political science and gender studies. It allows me to apply the theory I learn into practice that hopefully changes and betters the lives of those around me.

4. What are your plans after you graduate?

After I graduate from undergrad, I would like to continue my academic studies by attending graduate school and getting involved with research abroad.


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