It's Time Orange County!

Currently, Florida law does not recognize gay and straight unmarried couples. Our families can love and support each other for decades and still be denied fundamental protections. It's time for the City of Orlando and Orange County to do what state and federal law currently has not.

It's time for the City of Orlando and Orange County to create a domestic partnership registry.

A domestic partnership registry is a simple thing. If created, unmarried gay and straight couples could go to City Hall or another public building and register. From that moment forward, as long as you're in City or County limits, you're a family. You'll be notified if your partner or partner's children are in an emergency. You'll have hospital visitation rights. You'll have end of life decision making powers. You can pick your partner's children up from school. You can make decisions for your partner after death.

Equality Florida and the Orlando Anti-Discrimination Ordinance Committee have been hard at work communicating with leaders at the City of Orlando and Orange County Government, and we're confident we have momentum. We've told them about Florida's biggest counties like Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, Broward and Monroe and how they created registries. We've told them about world-class economic centers like Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Austin, New York City, New Orleans, Pheonix and Philadelphia which all have domestic partner registries.

Help us bring a domestic partner registry to Orlando and Orange County. Start by signing our petition and committing your voice and the voice of your business or organization to this important process.

Then, forward this email and our petition to everyone you know. Help us to build a diverse choir of gay and straight voices who can tell our leaders that we need their support and these important protections.


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