Lesbian Pioneers Still Fighting for Marriage Equality

Ruth Berman and Connie Kurtz got married and they plan on telling everyone including the IRS. The two movement pioneers were plaintiffs in the legal case that paved the way for domestic partnership benefits in New York. Now they intend to fight to ensure their New York marriage is recognized by the Federal government and here in Florida. They've joined an effort called RefuseToLie.org by commiting to identify themselves as married on their taxes and other government documents despite laws that tell gay couples to disavoow their spouses. The tax law is now so confusing and contradictory when it comes to the treatment of gay married couples that even the IRS says they cant provide guidance.

Ruth and Connie have been longtime Equality Florida supporters and sources of inspiration. They have been the focus of an award winning documentary call Ruth and Connie: Every Room in the House. We salute these wonderful women for their decades of love for each other and for the LGBT community.Thank you for continuing to fight for our right to full equality under the law.

Check out this vintage clip from the Donahue talk show and then see them in an interview this year shortly before they married in New York.











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