Coast-To-Coast for Equality: National Campaign Rallies Support for Florida, the Frontline in the Fight Against Anti-LGBTQ Legislation


Coast-To-Coast for Equality: National Campaign Rallies Support for Florida, the Frontline in the Fight Against Anti-LGBTQ Legislation

New nationwide alliance will defend against spreading anti-LGBTQ attacks

Los Angeles, California – Today, Equality California, the Los Angeles LGBT Center, and Equality Florida announced the "Coast-To-Coast for Equality" campaign, a cross-nation alliance built in response to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ aggressive anti-LGBTQ campaign and its ignition of an escalating, nationwide assault on LGBTQ rights, civil liberties, and democratic principles.

Florida extremists have led the nation with discriminatory attacks on the LGBTQ community, and states around the country are realizing that what happens in Florida is a threat to us all. This campaign strives to bring groups together across state lines to share resources and work in solidarity in order to support those on the frontlines and effectively fight back against the well-heeled right-wing anti-LGBTQ machine funding organizations like Moms for Liberty.

This unprecedented campaign builds off the momentum of Southern states that staunchly denied anti-LGBTQ extremism during this year’s legislative sessions – including advocates who defeated over 20 anti-LGBTQ bills in Florida, followed by similar victories in Georgia, Kentucky, and West Virginia – while mobilizing grassroots support and generating critical resources nationwide in support of LGBTQ freedom. 

The campaign will kick off with a benefit brunch on April 27th in Beverly Hills and include other in-person events, fundraising efforts, and robust social media campaigns that form and strengthen alliances nationwide and help defend LGBTQ rights in hostile states and across the country. A $50,000 matching challenge from the Anita May Rosenstein Foundation is boosting its impact.

"Now more than ever, we must ensure that our community stands together and in solidarity,” said Tony Hoang, Executive Director of Equality California. “We continue to see an alarming rate of anti-LGBTQ+ attacks nationwide, and Florida continues to be a primary target. Equality California is proud to support our friends at Equality Florida to continue the fight for full-lived LGBTQ+ equality for all."

"The solidarity from across the country not only provides resources to help us fight back on the front, it is a huge morale boost to know people all across the country understand that this is the frontline of a national fight,” said Nadine Smith, Executive Director of Equality Florida.

"The efforts to suppress ideas and information in the state of Florida are not isolated,” said Anita May Rosenstein, Los Angeles philanthropist, “Across our country the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment are under attack and, as I learned years ago from my dear friend and mentor, Kirk Douglas, we must respond. Just as he stood up against McCarthyism and the tyranny of Hollywood’s blacklist, we must take a stand. We must support those like Equality Florida who have dedicated their lives to the protection of our freedoms. I am learning from their courage and am proud to be even a small part of their efforts. Please join me!"

"The playbook used in Florida to enact harmful, anti-LGBT policies is now being deployed in southern California,” said Joe Hollendoner, Chief Executive Officer of the Los Angeles LGBT Center. “By taking action together, we can send a powerful message of unity against those who seek to divide us.”

“Even here in California, we recognize the dangerous ripple effects of Florida’s recent anti-LGBTQ backlash,” said Bob Poe, former Florida Democratic Party Chair and host of the “Coast-to-Coast for Equality” kickoff event. “This campaign will help refuel an organization fighting on the national frontline of equality--and winning.”

To support the campaign and help leverage the $50,000 matching donation from the Anita May Rosenstein Foundation, visit Supporters are encouraged to donate through April 27th, and every contribution will be doubled, amplifying the impact and ensuring continued momentum in the pivotal fight for rights and democracy. Supporters can also share this matching gift opportunity on Facebook, Instagram, and X/Twitter.


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