Tallahassee Needs to Hear From You! Become a Virtual Lobbyist!

At this very moment, dozens of citizen lobbyists from across Florida are working the halls of the capitol and telling their stories as part of Equality Florida's 2013 Annual Lobby Days. By sending a message to your state Representative and Senator right now or signing a petition, you'll double the impact our team can have on those who make the laws that affect our lives.

Virtual LobbyThere are two easy ways you can get involved as a virtual lobbyist:

1. The Florida Competitive Workforce Act - Send An Email

Did you know that a person can be fired, denied housing or even asked to leave a restaurant in most of Florida simply because they are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT)?

The Florida Competitive Workforce Act would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the state law that already protects people in employment and housing based on race, religion, sex, age and disability.

Take advantage of this prime opportunity to tell your Representative and Senator how critical these protections are to LGBT Floridians. Ask them to co-sponsor the Florida Competitive Workforce Act (HB 653 by Saunders and Raschein with co-sponsors Hutson, Pilon and Richardson as well as SB 710 by Abruzzo), a critical bill that would help make Florida a fair place to work and live.

Nothing makes a bigger difference in building support for this important legislation than lawmakers hearing directly from voters. We know not everyone can make it to Lobby Days in person. But, you can still have an impact by sending a message right now.

If you, a friend or a family member have experienced discrimination on the job, in trying to rent or purchase a home, we especially need you to share your story with your legislators.

2. The “Families First” Statewide Domestic Partner Registry Bill - Sign the Petition

On Tuesday, March 12th the Florida Senate Committee on Children, Families and Elder Affairs will vote on the Families First Bill (SB 196), sponsored by Senator Sobel, which would create a statewide domestic partnership registry for committed, unmarried couples in Florida, and provide important legal protections.

You can help by signing the petition today!

Support is growing across the state including Brendon Ayanbadejo, Baltimore Ravens linebacker and straight ally, who came to Pride South Florida this past weekend to show his support for equality not only in Florida but nationwide!

Ayanbadejo is a passionate supporter of marriage equality and anti-bullying. Since winning Super Bowl XLVII in February, he has used the media attention to help promote pro-LGBT messages. Watch his message below:

Baltimore Ravens

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