Sink has bi appeal

That's right, the Florida Democrats best hope for taking over the Governor's Mansion in 2010, has bi-partisan appeal. 

Democratic candidate for governor, Alex Sink, has out-raised her Republican opponent, Bill McCollum, in the race to be Florida's top executive. To date, Sink has raised $4 million, eclipsing McCollum's $1.9 million. 
The Orlando Sentinel believes part of the reason Sink has overwhelmingly surpassed her opponent, is her appeal to both Democrats and Republicans. The Sentinel did an analysis of her contributors from January to September and found 498 contributors who also gave to Crist's gubernatorial campaign in 2006. 
In a state like Florida, a state that can go either way depending, on which way the political winds are blowing, it is important to have cross over appeal. In contrast Bill McCollum only has 68 contributors that gave to Jim Davis in 2006. 
Some Republicans are down playing the importance of Sink's ability to raise cash from Republicans. "Charlie Crist had so many donations from so many people, it's hard not to have his donors on nearly everybody's list,"and Crist fundraiser Brian Ballard. "I don't think it's a telling look at support among Republicans by and large."
So let me get this straight, it's not significant that Alex Sink got donations from so many different types of people in her race for governor, like Charlie Crist did, a move that eventually got him elected? Uh, ok. 


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