Meet the Interns: Jake Black

 Meet the Interns: Jake Black

(Gainesville Office)

1. Tell us a little about yourself...

I am a junior at the University of Florida studying journalism and international relations. I love to learn about people and hear their stories, which is why I chose to study journalism. I come from a small town outside of Orlando. But ever since I've moved away for college, I have made it my goal to see as many places in the world as possible. This past summer I studied abroad in Berlin, Germany with a UF photojournalism program. Afterwards, I traveled around Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands. The more I see of the world, the more I want to learn and continue to expand my horizons.

2. Why are you involved with LGBT activism?

I am involved with LGBT activism for multiple reasons, but mainly because I want to help create a better society for LGBT people. My older brother was tortured throughout high school because of his flamboyant display of his sexuality. He struggled in ways that I can't imagine, yet he always had a smile on his face. He dealt with his demons with excessive partying, a crutch that proved to be fatal last year. If he had been accepted in his early years, I don't think it would have come to that because he was a hard-working, intelligent, and genuinely happy person. I want to improve the quality of life for LGBT people and increase awareness of the real problems that bigotry creates, especially for LGBT youth.

3. Why did you want to intern at Equality Florida?

This internship seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to become politically active about an issue that is genuinely important to me. I wanted to intern here because it is a great way for me to improve my professional communication skills while advocating a cause that I truly believe will benefit society.

4. What are your plans after you graduate?

After I graduate, if I don't have a job already lined up, I plan to join the Peace Corps. I want to help people in need and travel as much as I can while I am still young and able. Afterwards I could see myself in a variety of positions such as a photojournalist, diplomat or lobbyist. Any position where I will be constantly challenged to meet new people and learn more about the world would be ideal for me.


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