The 30 Second Gay Talk

Compelling post by EQFL guest blogger, Brian McNaught. What would you say????

The 30-Second Gay-Talk
By Brian McNaught

You’re assigned to train the troops fighting in Afghanistan about the new policy on openly gay people in the service. Imagine that you’re huddled behind a rock with three soldiers who have been pulled from their posts to listen to you. You have 30 seconds. Start talking.

You’re boarding an elevator and a colleague makes a derogatory joke about transgender people. You’re a well-known Human Resources employee. Two senior managers look at you waiting for your reply. You have just eight floors to address the issue. What is your "elevator speech"?

You’re sitting at a table with a straight ally, representing your company at a gay workplace conference. A gay person comes to your exhibition booth, picks up your company’s give-away rainbow wrist band, and makes a lewd comment about how he might use it. He then asks the straight man if he’s gay, and when he learns that he’s not, he says, "Oh, what a waste." How do you respond before he walks away?

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