Anti-gay groups ramping up for 2012

Recently, The Florida Independent did an article about the planned increased spending and activity by anti-gay groups for the 2012 elections. These groups have targeted 15 states to do their dirty work, and surprise, Florida is one of them.

The article had this to say about spending in Florida:

"Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida loaned his name to the Florida Family Policy Council’s Ignite plan, which calls for spending $300,000 to mandate that women view an ultrasound before having an abortion and to “defeat the radical homosexual agenda.”

The group averaged revenues of $384,000 over the last three years. Florida Family Policy Council president John Stemberger told supporters their plan was meant to stave off victories by 'non-religious right friendly legislators.'

'The people who work to undermine the values you and I share may have suffered a historic defeat in this year’s election, but both you and I know they won’t just go home,' he wrote. 'As a matter of fact, they’re already planning how to turn things around in the next election. The ‘Ignite Plan’ that I’m working on right now… is focused on making sure that doesn’t happen.”
Sen. Rubio wrote in support of the the group’s Ignite plan, saying, 'FFPC’s successes in education, legislation and accountability have made them an indispensable asset in promoting and defending traditional values.'"

Check out the full article here and see what the evil-doers are up to.


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