Breaking: Maine Passes Marriage Equality Bill 89-58!

From The New Civil Rights Movement

by DAVID BADASH on MAY 5, 2009

The long road of Maine’s gay marriage bill has come close to an end. The state’s residents have had a truly democratic debate. After over three thousand voters attended a public forum, the gay marriage bill was passed in the senate last week, and quickly moved to the house. The bill moves to the Senate to reconcile both bills then to Governor John Baldacci’s desk. The governor, although publicly opposed to same-sex marriage, has been said to be keeping an open mind. Should the Governor sign it, opponents of the bill threaten to add a referendum to the November election.

Amid a very emotional discussion in the House today, tears were shed, and lawmakers shared personal stories and those of their constituents. Some of their comments:

Love does not destroy. Only hate does.”

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