COLAGE is a support and advocacy organization for children of LGBTQ parents. They are holding the first ever Speak OUT Camp. It's a fabulous opportunity to meet other people with LGBTQ parents and refine you're activism skills! Check it out.

Join COLAGE for the First- Ever Speak OUT Camp- a fabulous weekend of learning and community for youth and adults with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or queer parents

What: COLAGE Speak OUT Camp
A brand new COLAGE program for teens and adults, this long weekend will engage current and emerging COLAGE leaders in community building, popular education, skill building, action planning, and fun. Speak OUT Campers will gain the knowledge, tools, and support to make a difference on the issues that matter most while getting to immerse in COLAGE community, relax and celebrate our fabulous movement of youth and adults who have or had a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or queer parent.

What to expect during the weekend:

The unique opportunity to meet other teens and adults with LGBTQ parents
Skill building in public speaking, media activism, school and COLAGE chapter leadership, political advocacy and more
Popular education rooted in the COLAGE anti-oppression framework where you'll learn about the intersections of prejudice, power, and oppression, reflect on histories of political organizing, and grow your ability to be an effective leader and ally
Meet and learn from the COLAGE National Staff, a diverse team of seasoned organizers and movement leaders
Team building activities and low ropes challenge course
Go back to your local community with new tools, ideas and energy for making change and receive ongoing support and guidance from COLAGE for carrying out your action plan
Enjoy the beautiful setting and wonderful company, after all, its COLAGE, so we'll have lots of fun!
Very rarely are there opportunities for young adults with LGBTQ parents to come together as a community and to bask in the power of our voices. Even as we respect and support our parents, we know our families are discriminated against because our families aren't seen as "normal". This means that sometimes we and our families are isolated, and don't have the respect, rights, and recognition that all families deserve. All of these realities and the realness of oppression in our lives give us the experience of being or feeling different. By coming together as a vibrant community, we realize that our differences are our strength and can use our voices to speak truth to power and to help create the world we want to see.

As a participant in the Speak OUT Camp, you will join COLAGE's national network of youth and adults who engage in media activism, public speaking, chapter leadership, and advocacy. Campers will develop action plans to take all the passion and skills from Speak OUT Camp back to their school, local or state communities.

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