Crist flip-flopping on abortion?

This morning the Crist for Senate campaign sent out a press release that said he would "fight for pro-life legislative efforts" if elected. During his 2006 gubernatorial campaign, then candidate Crist said he would not push for tougher restrictions on abortion saying he wanted to "change hearts, not laws." 

It appears to be yet another desperate ploy to attract the Republican base to Crist in his ever intensifying battle against former House Speaker Marco Rubio for the Republican nomination for US Senate. Crist has also been famously accused of flip-flopping on President Barack Obama and the federal stimulus. 
The change in position was not lost on US Senate Democratic candidate, Kendrick Meek. This morning with a group of reporters, Meek showed he is capable of rumbling with the big boys when he came out hard against Crist. 
"Overall I think the governor's a very nice person," said Meek, "I don't think he's prepared to lead this state in the United States Senate. One, he doesn't like to make a decision. Two, he's very vague. And three, I believe he's more politician than leader."
"If any Floridian was to ask the governor, 'How do you feel about health care?' the governor's response would be, 'How do you feel about health care?' That's the politics that should not be involved in leadership here," Meek said. 
"He is in a Republican primary right now so he's going to cater to voters that he feels are going to turn out in that Republican primary who feel strongly about whatever issue that may be the issue of the day," Meek said. 
This comes the same week Crist removed his long time ally Jim Greer from his post as Florida Republican Party Chairman, seemingly because the political winds were blowing in a different direction. 
My question for Crist is, do you think voter's don't know what you are doing? Do you think that we can't see right through you? It's like when Crist appointed his long time aide, George LeMieux, to the US Senate. Crist was charged with appointing someone to the very same seat he now seeks, and rather than appointing someone with electoral experience, he appoints someone he know will just keep the seat warm for him. 
I believe the voters of Florida are smarter than this. Crist needs to know that voters respect leadership, they want to know their elected officials stand for something. We don't want to elect folks who so blatantly do whatever they think will earn them the most political points that day. 


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