Fair Districts - Lawmakers Need to Hear from You!

We are winning the battle of public opinion - most Floridians are now on our side. But popular support hasn't translated into statewide victories because the elections are rigged.

Florida is a perennial battleground state in which statewide elections are decided by razor thin margins. And yet our state legislature is dominated by ultra conservatives hostile to any laws that support our families.

Why is Tallahassee so conservative? Because politicians have drawn outrageously shaped state house and senate districts to give the party in power a huge and completely unfair advantage. Florida is notorious for having some of the worst districts in the country.

Fair districts are the key to passing every piece of legislation we care about. Last fall Florida voters overwhelmingly passed Fair Districts Amendments 5 and 6. The amendments set guidelines for the legislature to draw their districts so districts will not be drawn based on political party. Equality Florida is a proud member of the Fair Districts NOW coalition aimed at ensuring districts are drawn fairly.

Let's make sure the legislature creates Fair Districts!

The legislature has begun holding public hearings all across the state to get public input into the redistricting process. It is vital we show our support for this critical issue. Please click here to find a meeting near you, and even consider speaking out on behalf of Fair Districts.


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