Lake Worth to Tallahassee: "Repeal Anti-Gay Adoption Ban Now"

By a unanimous vote yesterday, the Lake Worth City Commission passed a resolution calling for repeal of Florida's adoption ban - the most notorious anti-gay state law in the country.

Kudos to Allan Hendricks who led the effort for Equality Florida.
Here's his account from commission chambers:

I'm sittin

g here with tears in my eyes. Why? Last night, I got to watch the Lake Worth City Commission pass a resolution in support of 2 bills that would repeal the ban on adoption by gay Floridians. It's always moving to experience that kind of support. For one who has worked to secure equal rights for GLBT Floridians it's a very big deal. It feels something like a best friend coming to your aid when you're getting beat up.

Here's how it went down:
Commissioner Cara Jennings contacted me and asked if I knew of any other cities that had passed similar resolutions in support of repealing the adoption ban. I asked Mallory Wells, Equality Florida's public policy director to do a draft resolution, which she did. We passed this along to Commissioner Jennings and her fabulous intern Genia Guirand. They created the resolution and it was voted on last night, and with some very positive discussion it was passed. Applause and on to other city business.

Congratulations of the City of Lake Worth for being the first City in Florida to pass such a resolution.

Now it's time for other cities to follow suit.

Commissioner Cara Jennings thanked Equality Florida for assisting and said she hopes the measure will inspire other cites across the state

"We appeal to all cities across Florida to take a stand to equality for all Florida families and call for an end to the ban on gay adoption, said Jennings."We must as local officials send a strong message to Tallahassee that this discriminatory ban should be replealed."

NOTE: If you are interested in helping pass a similar resolution in your community, please contact Mallory Wells, Equality Florida's Public Policy Director at [email protected]

Please take a moment to thank the Commissioners.

Mayor René Varela
[email protected]

Commissioner Cara Jennings
Email: [email protected]

Vice Mayor - Commissioner Jo-Ann Golden
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Commissioner Suzanne Mulvehill
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Commissioner Scott Maxwell
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