Support Equality Florida with an evening out APRIL 22, 8pm - at the TECO THEATRE

Support Equality Florida with an evening at the theater
Becoming a Man in 127 Easy Steps

APRIL 22, 8pm - at the TECO THEATRE

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Use the promo code EQFL when ordering your ticket and a portion of your ticket purchase will benefit Equality Florida!

PHOTO CREDIT: Maximillian Corwell

is a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure theater show featuring aerial acrobatics and multimedia storytelling.

Together, performer and audience decide the sequence of events every night, choosing just a few of the 127 stories that a guy who was born a girl has to tell. From birth to death, playing with dolls to chugging a beer, dealing with hormones, finding love, and finding yourself, this one person show engages the deep questions and the locker room jokes about life in general, and what it means to become a man.

Please note the show contains some nudity and mature themes.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Scott Turner Schofield is a man who used to be a woman, a lesbian turned straight guy who mostly is read as a gay man, and a performance artist from the Deep South who delves into the complex minefield of gender and sexuality with honesty and a sense of humor. He is widely recognized for his educational and informative leadership on transgender issues.


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