Teachers told students ‘gay’ means happy

Here is one of the conclusions of a report that claimed a student who committed suicide was not bullied.

Teachers told students ‘gay’ means happy

Moore refuted much of Bermudez’s comments to the media, but she acknowledged that Herrera was taunted with gay slurs.“Following spring break, Jaheem came to school with a pink book bag, and there was some evidence from the students that the students said ‘that’s gay,’ speaking of the book bag,” Moore said. “Now with these students we asked them, ‘Well, what does gay mean?’ They said ‘gay means happy,’ and this is many of the students.”Moore said that few students told investigators they knew that gay is slang for homosexuals.“But I would say that the term ‘gay’ did not have a sexual connotation for the most part. The children use ‘gay’ for anything and everything, the clothing is gay, the gesture is gay, what they say is gay, and that is a term they use,” she said. “Some students did tell us they had asked their teacher what gay meant and their teachers are the ones who told them gay means happy.”

Report: Student who committed suicide wasn’t bullied - Washington Blade: Gay and Lesbian News, Entertainment, Politics and Opinion


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