TransAction FL Hosts Ground-Breaking Transgender Media & Messaging Training


TransAction Florida Hosts Statewide Transgender Media &
Messaging Training in Orlando

As momentum for transgender equality continues to grow in Florida and across the nation, TransAction Florida is hosting a ground-breaking media and messaging training focused on effectively discussing transgender issues with the media. The training will be conducted by national media communications trainers, The Franklin Forum.

WHAT: Transgender Media & Messaging Training


  • Commissioner Patty Sheehan, City of Orlando
  • Frank Billingsley, Chief of Staff, Orlando Mayor Dyer’s Executive Leadership
  • Jace Woodrum, Director of Communications, Gill Foundation
  • Gina Duncan, Transgender Inclusion Director, Equality Florida Institute 
  • (Full list of attendees below)​

WHEN: Friday, December 11 through Sunday, December 13

WHERE: Orlando City Hall

WHY: This training is designed to enable attendees to carefully craft effective messaging and to effectively communicate through all media sources, radio, TV and printed media, to better support transgender equality.


1. Aryah Lester ~ Director TransArt and Crisis Hotline Counselor, TransAction Florida, Miami
2. Tobias Packer ~ Former Communications Director at SEIU Florida, TransAction Florida, Ft. lauderdale
3. Nathan Bruemmer ~ Former EQFL Director, Stetson School of Law, TransAction Florida, St. Petersburg
4. Veronica Wilson ~ Jacksonville Equality Coalition, Jacksonville
5. Synthia Roy ~ Mistic Koi Tattoos, TransAction Jacksonville, Jacksonville
6. Tia Jolie ~ Captain, JetBlue Airways, Crossover Music, Boynton Beach
7. Sarah Schmidt ~ Chair, LGBT Space Coast Chapter, Melbourne
8. Cindy Sullivan ~ Technology, Advocate, St. Petersburg
9. Jean-David Parlier ~ Applied Veterinary Solutions, LLC, Advocate, Bradenton
10. Grant Drain, CarMax, Advocate, St. Petersburg
11. Kaitlin Legg ~ Asst. Director, LGBT Resource Center at University of North Florida, TransAction Florida, Jacksonville
12. Deb Johnson ~ Director, Gulf Coast Transgender Alliance, TransAction Florida, Pensacola
13. Deanna Hathaway ~ Co-Director, Gulf Coast Transgender Alliance, Pensacola
14. Cam Waller ~ Jacksonville Equality Coalition, Jacksonville
15. Ashley Brundage ~ Loan Officer, PNC Bank,TransAction Florida, St. Petersburg
16. Petra Doan ~ Professor at Florida State University, TransAction Florida, Tallahassee
17. Devin Cole ~ TransAction Florida Advisory Board, Pensacola
18. Harmony Weisbart ~ Research Operations at Walt Disney World, Celebration
19. Hannah Willard ~ Policy and Outreach Coordinator, Equality Florida Institute, Orlando
20. Morgan Laisch ~ TransAction Florida Advisory Board, Orlando
21. Gina Duncan ~ Director of Transgender Inclusion, Equality Florida Institute, TransAction Chair, Orlando

TransAction Florida is an initiative of Equality Florida Institute, the largest civil rights organization in Florida dedicated to ending discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity or expression. This initiative was launched in 2014 with three broad objectives: To educate Florida's major employers on effective transgender inclusion protocol, to advocate for the trans community in a broader and more structured way, and to be an integral part of all public policy that involved transgender rights. To achieve these, and even broader goals across the Sunshine State, TransAction Florida was formed, which consists of transgender community leaders from all parts of our state.


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