URGENT - Don't let their lies go unanswered

Our team in Jacksonville needs your help. Anti-equality extremists are flooding the city council with phone calls and emails.

Don't let their lies go unanswered! Send an email to the Jacksonville City Council NOW.

Business leaders and faith leaders are standing with us. Our community of LGBT people and allies came out in overwhelming numbers to the public hearing last week, and the city council heard from 80 people who spoke of their desire for a welcoming and accepting city,and of the truths about living with discrimination in Jacksonville.

While momentum is on our side and it's incredible to see how far we've come, far-right extremists have have turned up the heat.

Over the weekend the Florida Family Policy Council put out a call to a large network and the Jacksonville city council members are being flooded with thousands of phone calls. The Florida Family Association has resorted to telling the same ugly lies, using harmful terms like "special rights" and comparing LGBT people to sexual predators. Don't let their lies go unanswered.

Please take time right now to call and email the council members to ask for their support. Your personal comments make this outreach even more meaningful.

The truth and common sense are on our side. We are winning votes by telling our personal stories in respectful ways. Let us not be distracted by the voices in our community who use inflammatory language. We won't win by being drawn into pointless arguments with people whose minds are already made up. We will win by keeping the focus on fairness and jobs!



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