This is What Winning Looks Like

We are winning!

In the last 12 months, we've protected over 2 million more Floridians from discrimination. That's a lot - and it brings our statewide total to ten million protected - but we won't be done until every single Floridian knows they can never be fired or evicted from their home for being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

We hold our annual Equal-a-thon during pride season each summer because winning Equality for all of us starts with one person, you.

Will you join our Equal-a-thon with a gift of just $15 right now? Or for a gift of $35 or more get cool equality gear like a hat or t-shirt.

Everything we do at Equality Florida, every student we defend against bullying, every law we pass, every champion we elect to represent us - every single thing is possible because someone like you cares enough to volunteer or make a donation.

We're 100% people powered, and we need you.

We are winning. We have toppled Florida's notorious ban on gay and lesbian adoption. We are passing new policies to protect our community almost every month. And strong majorities of our fellow Floridians believe we should be free from discrimination, safe from bullying and violence, and able to have the same legal rights for our families and children.

The success of our Equal-a-thon is vital to continuing our winning streak - especially now with what has been described as the most right-wing state government in Florida in a generation running Tallahassee. The path to Equality has always been a steep one here in Florida, but with you on our team we will get there together.

We've set an aggressive goal of Raising $72,000 by June 30th. Please support equality with a gift of $15, $35, $50 or more today.


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